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The one thing I get asked about most is buttercream frosting so I thought I would share my technique with my loyal customers.

My recipe is pretty straight forward - whatever amount of butter you use double the icing sugar....it's that simple, so 250g Stork + 500g icing sugar.

Dont forget if you want chocolate buttercream just replace some of the icing sugar with cocoa powder.

For a prefect smooth buttercream you need to whisk the butter for about 5 minutes, just drop it in the mixer and put the kettle on!!  Most people only blend for a minute or so but trust me this makes all the difference.  Once the butter is smooth start to incorporate the icing sugar, about half way through add a few drops of vanilla essence, keep adding the icing sugar until it is fully absorded.  

And you're ready to go, I always make far too much so I freeze it until I need it, it usually keeps for about 3 months frozen, once defrosted if needed just bring it back to life with a small amount of milk.

Any questions just drop me an email....

Enjoy x

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